Selected Publications

Pietras A. What (H)IF isoform matters? A deubiquitinase can tune the hypoxic response. EMBO J, 2022 e110819 Link to article

Berg TJ and Pietras A. Radiotherapy-induced remodeling of the tumor microenvironment by stromal cells. Semin Cancer Biol, 2022 Feb 8:S1044-579X(22)00033-5. Link to article

Grassi ES and Pietras A. Emerging Roles of DLK1 in the Stem Cell Niche and Cancer Stemness. J Histochem Cytochem 2022 Jan;70(1):17-28. Link to article

Pantazopoulou V, Jeannot P, Rosberg R, Berg TJ, Pietras A. Hypoxia-induced reactivity of tumor-associated astrocytes affects glioma cell properties. Cells, 2021 10, 613 Link to article

Berg TJ, Marques C, Pantazopoulou V, Johansson E, von Stedingk K, Lindgren D, Jeannot P, Pietras EJ, Bergström T, Swartling FJ, Governa V, Bengzon J, Belting M, Axelson H, Squatrito M, Pietras A. The irradiated brain microenvironment supports glioma stemness and survival via astrocyte-derived Transglutaminase 2. Cancer Res, 2021 DOI:10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-20-1785 Link to article

Grassi ES, Jeannot P, Pantazopoulou V, Berg TJ, Pietras A. Niche-derived soluble DLK1 promotes glioma growth. Neoplasia, 2020 (22): 689-701 Link to article

Grassi ES, Pantazopoulou V, Pietras A. Hypoxia-induced release, nuclear translocation, and signaling activity of a DLK1 intracellular fragment in glioma. Oncogene, 2020 39(20): 4028–4044. Link to article

Tong B¶, Pantazopoulou V¶, Johansson E, and Pietras A. The p75 neurotrophin receptor enhances HIF-dependent signaling in glioma. Exp Cell Res, 2018 Oct 1;371(1):122-129. Link to articleLink to F1000 Prime recommendation

Johansson E, Grassi ES, Pantazopoulou V, Tong B, Lindgren D, Berg TJ, Pietras EJ, Axelson H, and Pietras A. CD44 interacts with HIF-2α to modulate the hypoxic phenotype of perinecrotic and perivascular glioma cells. Cell Rep, 2017 20(7): 1641-1653. Link to articleLink to press release

Wee B¶, Pietras A¶, Ozawa T, Bazzoli E, Podlaha O, Antczak C, Westermark B, Nelander S, Uhrbom L, Forsberg-Nilsson K, Djaballah H, Michor F, and Holland EC. ABCG2 regulates self-renewal and stem cell marker expression but not tumorigenicity or radiation resistance of glioma cells. Sci Rep, 2016 Jul 26;6:25956 Link to article

Pietras A, Katz AM, Ekström EJ, Wee B, Halliday JJ, Pitter KL, Werbeck JL, Amankulor NM, Huse JT, and Holland EC. Osteopontin-CD44 signaling in the glioma perivascular niche enhances cancer stem cell phenotypes and promotes aggressive tumor growth. Cell Stem Cell, 2014 Mar 6;14(3):357-69. Link to article

Fomchenko EI, Dougherty JD, Helmy KY, Katz AM, Pietras A, Brennan C, Huse JT, Milosevic A, and Holland EC. Recruited cells can become transformed and overtake PDGF-induced murine gliomas in vivo during tumor progression. PLoS ONE, 2011;6(7):e20605. Epub 2011 Jul 6. Link to article

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